Angelspit – New Devil

Angelspit's "New Devil" Official Music Video. Directed by Keith Jenson. Starring: Alberto Hernandez and Brandon Fisette. "New Devil" is from Angelspit's 2016 album "Cult Of Fake". Music and lyr­ics by Zoog Von Rock.


Those plagues, you got blamed for, Don’t compare,
I splice with my little knife, hell in a pro­tein shell
Bastardized vir­us out­break, blamed on nature, whatever
Cut fund­ing to all the expend­able hea­thens who didn’t vote for me
Coz that’s freedom

Time to play
Truth or dare
With the new Devil
Badder than the last one
Spin that chamber

Your fam­ines, more like a fat camp diet
I’ll show you how to starve a nation
Paradise tastes so good, espe­cially when it’s not mine
Everything Tastes bet­ter on the oth­er side of the fence
Light it, grind it, deep fry it, snort it, inject it
Stealing is a sin, but con­sider this remu­ner­a­tion for my gift of democracy
Have a nice day

Tempting Faust, was poetic
When i brain­wash, the world dances to my tune of toil, loneli­ness, and bankruptcy
Your sin is trivi­al and low risk, it comes with for­give­ness guar­an­teed – where’s the fun in that?
God can’t save us, we killed her,
Our chil­dren will betray us, as will theirs, rinse and repeat
All for the unachiev­able dream of meritocracy
Blow smoke rings and Go to hell…no wait, we’re already here