Angelspit – New Devil

angelspit new devil

Angelspit‘s “New Devil” Official Music Video. Directed by Keith Jenson. Starring: Alberto Hernandez and Brandon Fisette. “New Devil” is from Angelspit’s 2016 album “Cult Of Fake”. Music and lyrics by Zoog Von Rock.


Those plagues, you got blamed for, Don’t compare,
I splice with my little knife, hell in a protein shell
Bastardized virus outbreak, blamed on nature, whatever
Cut funding to all the expendable heathens who didn’t vote for me
Coz that’s freedom

Time to play
Truth or dare
With the new Devil
Badder than the last one
Spin that chamber

Your famines, more like a fat camp diet
I’ll show you how to starve a nation
Paradise tastes so good, especially when it’s not mine
Everything Tastes better on the other side of the fence
Light it, grind it, deep fry it, snort it, inject it
Stealing is a sin, but consider this remuneration for my gift of democracy
Have a nice day

Tempting Faust, was poetic
When i brainwash, the world dances to my tune of toil, loneliness, and bankruptcy
Your sin is trivial and low risk, it comes with forgiveness guaranteed – where’s the fun in that?
God can’t save us, we killed her,
Our children will betray us, as will theirs, rinse and repeat
All for the unachievable dream of meritocracy
Blow smoke rings and Go to hell…no wait, we’re already here