Angelspit – Sky High

Angelspit's 'Sky High' offi­cial music video taken from the album 'Cult Of Fake'. Music and lyr­ics by Zoog Von Rock. Directed by Chris Davis (Humantwelve).


I’m over this
I’m over being over this
I wrote you a song it goes like this
La la la la la, you’re such a bag of shit
I play cutesy, then act like a turbo bitch
I pull your tail jerk your strings, and make you twitch
I give you free­dom with a blind fold and cigarette
I smoke the roses, ‘coz I’m the god of selfishness

Daddy’s gunna buy you sky high boots
Stomp stomp stomp anoth­er hole in the roof
Follow me home and fuck me in your sky high boots
Stomp stomp stomp anoth­er hole in the roof

You won’t snuff me out anymore
From the hip, Through your heart, and slump of the floor
No really, i insist, please fuck yourself
Pretty please with a gren­ade on top fuck yourself
Everything will be ok as long as you keep buyin’
Inhale, hold it, exhale, stop trying
I don’t want to buy sub­stance from you
Sorry, I thought you were a cop.

Mother won’t approve
But the nuns really like it

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