Archive – The False Foundation

Archive   The False Foundation

‘The False Foundation’ music video performed by ‘Archive’ taken from the self-titled album.


Closed inside and shut in your mind
Nothing can wake you from the poison
A maze of thought all lost and blind
Never before having seen the ocean
Crawl and scrape at the walls build thick
A glimmer of light is a fading motion
Fooled and played by the Devil’s trick
Deep in the black you all go praying
Time cracks a tone of void deserted
The moon sinks down so full of nothing
A face of a ghost all cold distorted
Because of your own blue sorrow suffering

A structure so thin and build upon sand
As the flames lick up the paper cuts bleeding
Reaching for hope hold onto the hands
The masters drink blood from the needing
Atop the skies with God’s fake eyes
All hail the king of the false foundation
You in the dark deep down and below
Left in charge of the devastation
The king of the false foundation
The king of the false foundation

A temple of light love sinister
All climbing to the gates of golden good times
Everything you thought now a distant blur
Forgiven for the lies hate twisted horror
The burning of hope and the dreams you had
Left back at home with a mother crying
Arms raised up to the love collected
We’re all going to the land of pure happiness
With the kind of the false foundation