Ash Code – Icy Cold

Official music video 'Icy Cold' per­formed by 'Ash Code'. Director: Elio De Filippo (Nubes grafica), Assistant: Jessica Squillante, Model : Tairov Marat, Recording & Mixing: L'arte Dei Rumori.


This time I'm giv­ing up the game
Throwing all the pieces away
Locking myself in a men­tal cage
I will nev­er com­pletely trust again

My eyes are cold
Icy cold

Doomed to fail­ure, doomed to store
The hot ashes of my bleed­ing core
I think to myself "I'm ready to fall"
I'm feel­ing safe in this limbo

My eyes are cold
Icy cold

It's time to give up the game
It's time to give up the game again again

My eyes are cold
Icy cold

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