Ash Code – Posthuman

Official music video 'Posthuman' by 'Ash Code' taken from the same titled album 'Posthuman'. Camera: Alessandro Belluccio, Klaudia Roczeń, Chriss Addams, Chris Bjørnsen. Concept: Claudia Nottebella. Editing: Elio De Filippo (Nubes grafica). Recording & Mixing: L'arte Dei Rumori.


This is time, men real­ize they can't rule the world today
And that's why, you must respect every creature
We ain't the own­ers of the land, so stop this human invasion
This is time to unplug the wires from the head

The Posthuman era has come
A new era has come
A new era

This is time, people must make their voice heard
Do you get why we are part of the same universe?
This sys­tem was poorly built, cre­ated not to work.
This is time to retrieve our kingdom

The Posthuman era has come
A new era has come
A new era.

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