Ashbury Heights – Wild Eyes (Feat. Madil Hardis)

Official music video 'Wild Eyes (Feat. Madil Hardis)' per­formed by 'Ashbury Heights'. Director/Producer: Magdalena Herfurtner.


It’s so hard to believe
That’s how it used to feel
Walking like a part of me
Was groun­ded actually

All of our memories
Separated by the seas
Alone in the debris
My insecurities

I can remem­ber you
From when I thought I knew
That you were being true
And we were pulling through

I can­not understand
Just how you could hold my hand
While you were mak­ing plans
To feed us to the sand

One big break­up in the morning
The sun goes down alone
One big break­up in the dawn is
All that I was owed

Wild eyes burn­ing through the ceiling
Watching the skies
And try­ing to breathe

White scars nev­er heard of healing
Watching myself
While try­ing to leave

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