Auger – Oxygen

Official music video for the elec­tro rock track 'Oxygen' per­formed by 'Auger'. Directed by Kyle J Wilson.


You were stand­ing there alone look­ing in
You were a heart with no home fall­ing in
Cover up your shoulders from the rain
Oh it's pour­ing you must be cold

I'm feel­ing like I'm slip­ping, it's deep with­in my soul
It's find­ing all the answers, the ques­tions are unknown
It's com­mon inter­ac­tion, it's sew­ing like a seed
Use my intu­ition to find anoth­er key
I'm fall­ing in too deep, I am run­ning out of time
I'm using up my oxy­gen wish­ing you were mine
I'll hold my hands above me and hang my head down low
Hoping that you'll see me before it's time to go
I'm feel­ing like I'm slip­ping, away

My inde­pend­ence relies on me
I can't take it for granted
I'm going solo that's the key
For in my heart there'll always be a place for you
Deep with­in my heart I know I'll wait for you
Discovering the future now

Here comes the rain
You know, I really hate goodbyes
Goodbye my friend, I hope to hold you tonight

Here comes the rain
You know, I really hate goodbyes
Well good­bye my friend, I hope to see you again

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