Bec Sandridge – Stranger

Official music video 'Stranger' per­formed by 'Bec Sandridge' taken from the album 'Try + Save Me'.


I will not leave my bed today
Though I've got a thou­sand things to do
I need a men­tal break a holiday
Somewhere to hide

I can­not leave my bed today
I’ve got a thou­sand things con­fused I’ve had the nervous shakes al week I’ve had too much to choose (from)

I thought that I was so I strong
I feel it stick
And I feel so small
I'll take all your words so wrong you’ve got noth­ing to say
I've got noth­ing to say to you…

I will not leave for work today
I’ve got a thou­sand things to prove I need a men­tal break
A holiday
Someone on my side…

I can't leave my house today
I've got a thou­sand things to lose I need a second break
I’ll fake a stom­ach ache
So I don't mess it up this time…

I'm feel­ing like a stranger (who?)
Think I'm afraid of it (you?)
When I think I'm in danger
The feel­ings get get­ting much stranger (who?)

(I sink when it’s too hard)
I feel like a stranger
(don't mess it up this time)
Can get much bet­ter than this
Can get much better…

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