Black Nail Cabaret – Bête Noire

Official music video 'Bête Noire' by the Darkwave duo 'Black Nail Cabaret'.


For the first time in my life
I don't know how I feel
I don't envy you
You don't adopt, you steal
You've gone too far by
desec­rat­ing our mecca
Degrading our language
for your own pleasure
You turn my pain­ful moments
into satir­ic happy ones
I don't know how I should feel
but my patience is gone

I think I wanna kill you
But I believe in peace bitch

You're con­sciously tak­ing from others
to build a truth­less castle for your trumped up lovers
You may not suspect
It might be automatic
It might only be an invol­un­tary habit
and I can't speak for others
but take this as a warning
If I marched against you
I think I'd have an army

What do I do with my fury
Do I really need you in my life
Your life is a mimicry
and you hack my mind

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