The Faint – ESP

The Faint   ESP

Official music video ‘ESP’ performed by ‘The Faint‘. Taken from ‘CAPSULE: 1999-2016’. Produced by: Studio Fackler, LLC, Patty Dillon, & Kat Fackler. Directed and Edited by: Nik Fackler.


Let me see the world your way
All your dreams on taught film screens
In a soft red chair, I sit inside your head
Your voice sounds strange before it leaves your face

Bedside pills, noice machine, asleep
Convinced we’ll be in contact
Deep in dreams,
Deep in dreams

I got behind your eyes again
Looking through electric skies
Inside your skull
Can you hear me calling?


Let me see the world your way
All your dreams on concave screens
Behind that mask
I promise I won’t laugh
If you feel ashamed
Then don’t feel ashamed

Siamese twins share a limb
And they share blood and guts
And strangers headlight stares
So distinct,
But they know closeness we can’t know
We just guess,
We just guess

Don’t dreams seem so strange?
We know things we can’t

ESP, ESP, it’s real, you have it