Sirus – Full Scale Revolt

Full Scale Revolt (Official Music Video) taken from the Sirus album “Satellite Empire”: Directed by Josh Rombout.


everyday, they want to know
where you’ve been and where you’re going
sell, the status quo
wrap it up in silver lining
now, the time has come
to break free and show we’re something more
than submissive little thralls

all hail the kings of absolution
pray to the machine god, that watches all
we’re all part of their great big solution
so come trust in the mindless sprawl

you, you’re under siege so
you, can stand alone or
you, can fight this war but
you, you’re buried deep so
come, come make some noise yea
come, come make some noise yea
come, come shout it out

full scale revolt
bring it
like cyclones
with the rising sounds of our
full scale revolt
say it
bring it
like cyclones
your supremacy to the ground

like cyclones bow down
all hail the satellites that
feed you
your shallow paradise for
those who
want nothing more in life than to be subsumed