Black Nail Cabaret – No Gold

Official music video 'No Gold' per­formed by 'Black Nail Cabaret' taken from the album 'Gods Verging On Sanity'.


In my own music video
I am your cross to carry
I am the ghost you marry
I am your Virgin Mary

It’s like a cart­ridge of love
It’s not so complicated
Don’t think that it’s wrong
Don’t think that it’s fated
No strings attached

I over­dosed my soul
With beau­ti­ful frag­ments of you
I don’t mind get­ting dirty
Nothing gold can stay

I don't want any­thing else from you
But to burn just like me
I don't want any­thing else from you
But to ache just like me

Let's heal wounds together
One becomes many
Many become one
You may be my Devil
You may be my God

I am sick of your expectations
I am sick of my expectations
Why can’t we just let go for a while

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