Blank – Thanatosis

Official music video 'Thanatosis' per­formed by 'Blank' taken from the upcom­ing album 'Drifting Slowly'. Video dir­ec­ted and edited by Davide Mazza.


you nev­er say what i haven’t seen
you nev­er care if it should have been
you nev­er call and you nev­er should
you nev­er fell for anoth­er truth

echoes from the night before
so many things i don’t understand
you always stay right with­in the storm
like there is some­thing there that i don’t know

some­times I’m scared I got no place to go
because noth­ing i feel can really give me more
and i tried and i tried but it just nev­er ends
you keep slip­ping through my fin­gers just like sand

i will stay no mat­ter what you're going to do
to scare me away from here
i will face the consequences
of your bury­ing everything that matters
we should nev­er take a litte kiss for granted
takes a little longer to feel
i can only wait for you
i can only wait for you

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