Blind Stag – Let Your Heart Fall Down

Official music video 'Let Your Heart Fall Down' by 'Blind Stag'.


you touch the sky in your mind
you feel the whole life
float­ing in your heart
float­ing in your heart
you live a lonely life
you live the lon­li­est life
no one understand
no one understand
how strong you could be
how wrong you should be
which song you could sing
the game you would win
the things you have lost
the child you recall
the life and rebirth
no one knows
how far you will go

this time you're fray­ing your soul
if you don't let your heart fall down
you don't let your heart fall down

in a per­fect flight
feel the world beside
feel the pain inside
and like a painted sky
draw the rainy tears
draw the sun who dies
and now i understand
how wrong i had been
so blind to see
inside your dreams
the sun didn't sleep
in your lonely heart
and the light of the hope
is the.. the darkest light

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