Boy Deluxe – All Out

Boy Deluxe - All Out (Cover artwork)Official music video for the dark pop song 'All Out' per­formed by US band 'Boy Deluxe'. The song is taken from the EP 'Risen'. Beautiful gloomy, almost indus­tri­al synth sounds rumble out of the speak­ers from the first seconds on.

The tempo here is low tempo / bal­lad. The sound is calm, but the atmo­sphere is son­ic­ally as bru­tal as the sound of 'Skynd', for example. With lyr­ics like "I don't know what I want, but I don't want you", the uneasy feel­ing of the song is almost pre-pro­grammed. This song is part of our Spotify playl­ist ‘New Synth Pop Songs 2022‘. The playl­ist is updated con­tinu­ously. Follow this playl­ist now and don’t miss any of the latest synth pop hits in 2022.

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