Broken Ego – Get Away

Official music video 'Get Away' per­formed by 'Broken Ego' taken from the album 'Avenue To Wonderland'.


You’re tak­ing me fur­ther away
Well, I wanna stay no more – Woh Oh Oh – Woh oh
Clear your eyes just to realise
When I say: ”It’s now or nev­er” – Woh Oh Oh – Woh oh

[Let’s get away Just for one day
Take me far, far away]
Pop a pill, swal­low it down
Like we used to do back in the days – Woh Oh Oh – Woh oh
We are young! We are free!
Let’s get wild – every night – Woh Oh Oh – Woh oh
We’ve got all we need, come on, now let’s get on the ship
What are you wait­ing for?

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