Dark Side Eons – Ghosts

Official music video 'Ghosts' by 'Dark Side Eons' taken from the album 'Eclipse'.

The world is no field of flowers, and every­one makes the exper­i­ences at least once in a life­time, that where the light exists, there is also darkness.

DARK SIDE EONS is a duo from Poland play­ing Electro-Industrial / Electro Wave. Leszek "Morph" Trzaska (vocals, gui­tar, com­pos­i­tions) was a sing­er and bassist in many met­al / hard rock pro­jects since year 2000 and he cre­ated Dark Side Eons in 2012. Together with Kate "Moonskin" Trzaska (syn­thes­izer / pro­gram­ming), which joined the band in 2014, the two musi­cians star­ted to play their first shows already in the same year.

So, who­ever wants to step into the tran­scend­ant world, that can be cre­ated with music, should not miss to dis­cov­er „Eclipse”!

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