Dark Liner – Fvck You Too

Dark Liner - Fvck You Too

Official music video ‘Fvck You Too’ performed by ‘Dark Liner‘ taken from the EP ‘Abyss: Chapter I’. Director: Lil´ Drac


You are not a devil
You are even not a man
You are nothing but a piece of shit
(You heard me?)

You think you are mad but you are no the only one
who wanna start a fight with me

You are not a man enough
Nobody gives a shit about you
You wanna fuck with me?
Im gonna fuck with you

You think you are mad but you are no the only one
who wanna start a war with me

You must accept me like your only god
Son of mine feel my power shown
Meanwhile you can spit all your fucking shit about me
You are my bitch now, so run and paint your lips

C´mon bitch
´Cause you´re gonna suck hard
On your kness dog, and beg me for a bone
Time is not your friend old mommy´s boy

You wanna kill me but i´m waiting here
You talk so much trash, you are nothing but a fraud
Coward woman beater, i´ll finish you
Better fuck yourself nobody cares

If you fuck with me you fuck with the best
and guess what, you are exactly my type of whore
I know one or two things about you ;)
Everything is different, you are history now
Wait for the news fucker wait for the news
You and I have a date in hell bitch

I know you are listening this
Now is my turn motherfucker