Dark Liner – Fvck You Too

Official music video 'Fvck You Too' per­formed by 'Dark Liner' taken from the EP 'Abyss: Chapter I'. Director: Lil´ Drac


You are not a devil
You are even not a man
You are noth­ing but a piece of shit
(You heard me?)

You think you are mad but you are no the only one
who wanna start a fight with me

You are not a man enough
Nobody gives a shit about you
You wanna fuck with me?
Im gonna fuck with you

You think you are mad but you are no the only one
who wanna start a war with me

You must accept me like your only god
Son of mine feel my power shown
Meanwhile you can spit all your fuck­ing shit about me
You are my bitch now, so run and paint your lips

C´mon bitch
´Cause you´re gonna suck hard
On your kness dog, and beg me for a bone
Time is not your friend old mommy´s boy

You wanna kill me but i´m wait­ing here
You talk so much trash, you are noth­ing but a fraud
Coward woman beat­er, i´ll fin­ish you
Better fuck your­self nobody cares

If you fuck with me you fuck with the best
and guess what, you are exactly my type of whore
I know one or two things about you ;)
Everything is dif­fer­ent, you are his­tory now
Wait for the news fuck­er wait for the news
You and I have a date in hell bitch

I know you are listen­ing this
Now is my turn motherfucker


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