Dead Cool – Until Death

Official music video 'Until Death' per­formed by the US duo 'Dead Cool'. Produced, edited and dir­ec­ted by Rick Badger.


Cold and weary, lost and nearly
Drowning in a sea of grief
You get what you deserve
There is noth­ing left to say
And I turn away
And just pretend
You're here again
Forgotten whis­pers all just in the wind

There's no rest­ing for the wicked
Dying heart must beat for two
There's noth­ing left to give
Nothing left to give on this crim­son day
And I just pre­tend, we're free again
Dreaming of us both hand and hand

As we fade away, we won't return
The moon will burn
And noth­ing really mat­ters in the end.

You'll nev­er be alone until death
Your body will stay warm until death

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