Deeper Upper – Tolyn

Official music video 'Tolyn' (Tolyn means 'Get Carried Away' in Lithuanian) per­formed by 'Deeper Upper'.


Stuck in time
Waiting for a sign

In the crowd
Late at night

I lay my eyes
On smoky halls

Pick myself
Up from the floor

Tolyn, tolyn

Shine so bright
The king of the night

Waves of sound
Start shak­ing the ground

Tolyn, tolyn

Hold on tight
Carried away by light

I’m feel­ing alive
I don’t wanna leave this ride

Always in end­less motion
Until the end of time
I feel like I am floating
Until the end of time

Tolyn, tolyn

Stuck in time
Hello, my friends

It’s still tonight
And tonight nev­er ends

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