Elz And The Cult – Horrified

Official music video 'Horrified' per­formed by 'Elz And The Cult'. Directed & Edited by ELZ.


The things i say to you
Came from a place thats blue
My eyes can't you see, through?
Found a way to shut the light out
And built my walls so high
Do i make you horrified?
Does that make me cruel?

I'm a weapon, forged in flame
White heat shaped as iron blade
Hammered by heavy thoughts
To inflict my great pain

Horrified with the turn of a deadly card
No way back to a time that would heal me now
Can you see the fire in my eyes?
Doesn't he make you feel horrified?

I'm your blood,
I'm your flesh,
Of your breed,
From your soul

Took too many time to accept
Who you wanted me to be
Changed every aspect i have
In this new reli­gion of pain and heresy
Pray for the child inside
Buried deep in your sound
Am i alive?

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