Euzen – Phobia

This is the offi­cial music video for 'Phobia' from the album 'Metamorph' by the Danish/Norwegian band 'Euzen'. Director, edit and grad­ing: Christopher Juul.


I go around
I'm being followed
My chances fade for every gulp of air I swallow
To be free to be me
Is not a part of your agenda
So I guess it's not to be

You roam around seek­ing vic­tims to strangle
You're search­ing sub­jects to devour and to mangle
Leaving no light left to confuse
Directing pieces to fit to ensure you're not to loose

You owe no one
To be your only one
Yet every time your clammy hands
Seek out to feel that much
You might as well have put a ring
On every fin­ger that you touch
You'll be my master
I'll be your slave
I'll seek dis­aster en help you dig my grave
You make me weak bey­ond repair
You leave me out in the dark to with­er and despair

You owe no one
To be your only one
With you to guide me I'm nev­er lost
I'm being caught in this web of mutu­al distrust
Of mutu­al distrust

I see with my eyes shut inevitable
I see with my eyes shut
In every place I've been and every place I've seen
My own private hell is there with me
Like a stranger wait­ing to be known
Like a creep fol­low­ing me home
You voice my mind my neg­lected inner needs
Your voice is high makes me fol­low your lead
Forever caught in fear and in lust
Our bond is based on mutu­al distrust

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