Eyes Without A Face – The Grift

Official music video 'The Grift' per­formed by 'Eyes Without A Face'. Directed/Edited/VFX by: Lucien Xavier Cyr.


Nested in the spire
Fever-twis­ted by the grift
Cold and sick

As dawn draws near
You’ll breathe false air
In flesh I appear
Not here

The light leads down, it’s a long way down
At the bot­tom without a flame
The ache bleeds out, now a husk of the self
Alone and without a name

Do you feel empty in the dead of the night?
Or immune?
Do the gar­ish city lights burn brightly for you?

To be abhorred for the truth
And loathed for a lie
Someone will do
God willing

By sheer will
I’ll have my fill
She calls out still

I’ll watch you change
Shed your skin and
I’ll not turn away
Till it’s

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