Faderhead – Escape Gravity

Official music video ‘Escape Gravity’ by ‘Faderhead‘ taken from the album ‘FH-X‘. Video produced, shot and edited by Faderhead. Model: Amy Schmietendorf. Additional on-set production: Nadine Skalli.


I’m standing here all night
Watching you dance
And it feels so unreal to me
I wake up reaching out
But no one’s here
I realize it’s just a dream
It was just a dream
That you were here with me

I look at you
And I saw home

Wish we’d escape this planet’s gravity
And dance among the stars
Wish we’d fall asleep eternally
In each others arms
Wish we’d escape this planet’s gravity
Hold hands among the stars
Your in my heart but in reality
Ten thousand miles apart

Id rather be wanting than without desire
There is no end to what I dream
You asked me if my heart was broken
But I don’t know
Because it was never healed
Because it was never whole


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