f.o.d. – Last Day

Official music video ‘Last Day’ performed by ‘f.o.d.’. Video production: Benedikt Wellmann (Don Bnnr).


We are the first of a nation, a truly reasoned creation.
A perfect heart and a perfect mind, our aim is clearly defined.
Joined within a titan case, we’re the prototype of our race.
Magnetized we’re moving on, but it looks like something’s going wrong.

Pressure drops, we’re standing still, it seems our task we can’t fullfil.
Try to stabilize our soul, but I only lose control.
You start to separate your parts, it’s the end of our work of art.
I surrender myself at last, If you’ll leave – my vision’s past.

It’s so hard to comprehend (we can’t survive),
We have to bring it to an end (last day of life).
Cancellation is our advice (believe me).
We give up and pay the price (it’s our destiny).

Your cold hands are touching me, we were built for eternity.
Our fusion was perfectly planned, but it’s time now to disband.
One last icy kiss for you, I know what I have to do.
Frozen eyes without fear, I pull the plug – goodbye my dear…