Gary Numan – The End Of Things

Official music video 'The End Of Things' per­formed by 'Gary Numan' taken from the album 'Savage: Songs Of A Broken World'.


Is that a voice call­ing me softly?
Nothing in here is quite how it seems
Is that a whisper's touch or my fear?
Am I awake or lost in old dreams?

Everything's so cold
The air is so stale
There should be noth­ing here to see
Is this a warning
Like in the black book?
There can be no one else but me

I see a dark­er shade of darkness
I hear a shad­ow hide in the lie
I feel a suf­foc­at­ing tension
Within a ter­rible desire

Everything's so cold
The air is so stale
There should be noth­ing here to fear
But I hear breathing
A child's laughter
Can any part of this be real?

Everything I work for
Everything I long for is always just to far
Everything I hope for nev­er comes to be
Everything I bleed for burns a scar on me
Everything I fight for leaves a bit­ter taste
Everything I cry for laughs into my face
Everything I scream for barely knows my name
Everything I'd die for will die just the same
In here
With me

Is this the truth of your forgiveness?
Are you the strangers stood at my door?
Are you the end of this come calling?
Are you the answer that I've wished for?

Everything's so cold
The air is so stale
And there is noth­ing here but me
If I belong here
And this is mercy
Then there's no place I'd rather be

Everything I worked for
Everything I longed for was always just too far
Everything I hoped for nev­er came to be
Everything I bled for burned a scar on me
Everything I fought for left a bit­ter taste
Everything I cried for laughed into my face
Everything I screamed for barely knew my name
Everything I died for died just the same
In here
With me

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