Glüme – Do Me A Favor

Official music video 'Do Me A Favor' per­formed by 'Glüme'. Directed by George Baron.

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Lyrics of 'Glüme – Do Me A Favor'

That old song lost its magic
Memories were not filling time
Love soun­ded like traffic
just passing by

My guard was so high
I did not notice the moon
At this time of night
In the room with the view

Til’ I saw you
What do I do
I thought I knew
How to keep my cool, oh

Is this the real thing
That’s how it’s feeling
Do me a favor
Wake me if I am dream­ing oh
And, when I come ‘round
Do me a favor take me out
Of my head now and take me

Do me a favor
And, take me (4x)

I have too many questions
I keep them all inside
Is this the right direction
How lost am I

Do I learn my lessons
Or am I just designed
To feel too much when I should run
From heartache in disguise

As some­thing new
What do I do
I thought I knew
How to keep my cool, oh

It’s been such a cold winter
I’ve been ask­ing all these stars
If a bad thing that I cared about
Could mean noth­ing at all
But, I guess my wish was granted
And, inside of all these walls
Oh, I think my heart had drowned
Nothing meant a thing at all

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