Goo Munday – Eyes

Goo Munday - Eyes

Official music video ‘Eyes’ performed by ‘Goo Munday’ taken from the album ‘9 Lives’.


When there’s no one even there
Yeah, but I will come up to you
Let me up, let me up, let me up, let me up to you
And then I’ll be everything that I want to

You know, I’m not from here, you know it, you do
Everybody’s running away from the dark
Even you
When I look in their eyes, and I see it front on (you)
You can’t handle it, but you’ll see
When you’re gone (when you’re gone)

Living a life asleep
I want to know what you dream
Is it as simple as it seems?
Do you ever want to fucking scream?
Program of the machine
They’ll fool you and say its clean
You let yourself go after a drink
They took our lives away before we could even think