Goo Munday – Eyes

Official music video 'Eyes' per­formed by 'Goo Munday' taken from the album '9 Lives'.


When there's no one even there
Yeah, but I will come up to you
Let me up, let me up, let me up, let me up to you
And then I’ll be everything that I want to

You know, I'm not from here, you know it, you do
Everybody's run­ning away from the dark
Even you
When I look in their eyes, and I see it front on (you)
You can’t handle it, but you'll see
When you're gone (when you're gone)

Living a life asleep
I want to know what you dream
Is it as simple as it seems?
Do you ever want to fuck­ing scream?
Program of the machine
They'll fool you and say its clean
You let your­self go after a drink
They took our lives away before we could even think

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