Grabyourface – Shore

Official music video ‘Shore’ performed by ‘Grabyourface’ taken from the album ‘Sea’.


I don’t wanna hurt you again I’m sorry
I don’t wanna do this again you know me
I’ll just go away like I do and pretend
Pretend it’s OK pretend it’s the end
Pretend I’m cool with throwing my feelings away like I didn’t care anyway
Like I told you before it’s better for you
It’s fairer for you I don’t care what I think
It’s the right thing for you and in time I shall heal
I wasn’t right for you but you made me feel
And every day it hurts just a little bit more
Knowing that sometime soon I’d have to hurt you more

Yea I can’t breathe right now but what matters to me now is that you’re alright
And you do it the way that you’ve always wanted
We both knew I was not what you expected
I was like a dream, your fantasy in black
Yea I look good but I am unrealistic and you know it
So I’ll go away now
But you know it
I’ll keep loving you
Keep looking after you
And keep checking on you
Like a ghost from your past
Your fantasy in black

It’s not like I didn’t want
To make this happen
Three years I tried to believe in your light
You were so fucking bright
You were the lightest thing
I think I envied you in the end
I wanted to be you but I was miserable
I was me and I was so fucking proud of it
I was full of myself thinking I was better
That being the sad fuck I was was worth more than your happiness
I probably fucked up I probably killed it
I just couldn’t believe that something like you
Could have happened to me

So I stand by this shore and I know it’s all gone
I remember standing right here a year ago
You were there by my side the colours were different
The air was more vibrant everything was lighter
And now It’s like the sky forever shut down on me
You were like the sky you were better than me
While I kept hurting you you were smiling at me
And I am like this shore beautiful and tragic
Sad as shit
And alone