Grabyourface – Shore

Official music video 'Shore' per­formed by 'Grabyourface' taken from the album 'Sea'.


I don't wanna hurt you again I'm sorry
I don't wanna do this again you know me
I'll just go away like I do and pretend
Pretend it's OK pre­tend it's the end
Pretend I'm cool with throw­ing my feel­ings away like I didn't care anyway
Like I told you before it's bet­ter for you
It's fairer for you I don't care what I think
It's the right thing for you and in time I shall heal
I wasn't right for you but you made me feel
And every day it hurts just a little bit more
Knowing that some­time soon I'd have to hurt you more

Yea I can't breathe right now but what mat­ters to me now is that you're alright
And you do it the way that you've always wanted
We both knew I was not what you expected
I was like a dream, your fantasy in black
Yea I look good but I am unreal­ist­ic and you know it
So I'll go away now
But you know it
I'll keep lov­ing you
Keep look­ing after you
And keep check­ing on you
Like a ghost from your past
Your fantasy in black

It's not like I didn't want
To make this happen
Three years I tried to believe in your light
You were so fuck­ing bright
You were the light­est thing
I think I envied you in the end
I wanted to be you but I was miserable
I was me and I was so fuck­ing proud of it
I was full of myself think­ing I was better
That being the sad fuck I was was worth more than your happiness
I prob­ably fucked up I prob­ably killed it
I just couldn't believe that some­thing like you
Could have happened to me

So I stand by this shore and I know it's all gone
I remem­ber stand­ing right here a year ago
You were there by my side the col­ours were different
The air was more vibrant everything was lighter
And now It's like the sky forever shut down on me
You were like the sky you were bet­ter than me
While I kept hurt­ing you you were smil­ing at me
And I am like this shore beau­ti­ful and tragic
Sad as shit
And alone

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