IAMX – Alive In New Light

Official music video 'Alive In New Light' per­formed by 'IAMX' taken from the same titled album 'Alive In New Light'. Performed at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, CA on May 10th, 2018. Filmed and edited by SweetSalt Productions.


There’s a power much big­ger than hate
Still lost in the urge to annihilate
But I know I will over­come this
You dragged me through the darkest days
By the skin of my teeth you restored my fate
And I raised myself out of the ashes

Now I’m alive in new light

And I was car­ry­ing the weight of the universe
The typ­ic­al brittle perfectionist
Confused by my every decision
One day I was being the hero
The next I was play­ing the coward
Burnt out by my overreaction

There were times when I thought that my heart would stop
Running for a bleak horizon
Locked in my obsessions
And now I am the raindrop
I am the tulip
I have learned compassion

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