IAMX – Mile Deep Hollow

Official music video 'Mile Deep Hollow' per­formed by 'IAMX' taken from the album 'Alive In New Light'. Video dir­ec­ted and edited by Chris Corner.


Now we’re float­ing like two feathers
In the sun­light and the dust of California
And you no longer have to carry me
We are exactly where I wanted us to be

No more hesitation
Nothing will ever divide us again
No more energy wasted
On the tem­per of our time
Just the truth and the sublime

So thank you
You need to know
That you dragged me out
Of a mile deep hollow
And I love you
You brought me home
‘cause you dragged me out
Of a mile deep hollow

We threw our past in the Atlantic
And those elev­en days remain in our tool kit
We took our chances with the desert life
Even though we got lost along the way in our own minds

We took all the blows
Searching for purity
We put an end to all
The beat­ing up ourselves
And the walk­ing on eggshells

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