Julien‑K – Institution

Music video 'Institution' per­formed by 'Julien‑K' taken from the album 'California Noir – Chapter Two: Nightlife in Neon'. Video by Zoe Kavanagh.


I keep find­ing out that I'm a fake but I keep push­ing on
That I'm a snake but I keep mak­ing out
With the gold that has been prom­ised to the lost
The strangers smell is on my fin­gers, its just as well
I keep freak­ing out
This Institution takes its toll upon my soul
I keep fuck­ing up, fall­ing in love but not giv­ing in
I keep break­ing out, this Institution makes its home Inside my soul
I keep break­ing out
I've got the num­bers but I can't explain
I keep push­ing off – this Institution makes its home Inside my soul

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