Junksista – Aerobic

Official music video 'Aerobic' per­formed by 'Junksista' taken from the EP 'Oxytocin High'. By the way: The EP con­tains a cov­er ver­sion of 'Push It' ori­gin­ally by Salt'n'Pepa. I have a very dif­fi­cult rela­tion­ship with the song, which you can read about in the art­icle '18 most awk­ward Synthpop songs (once loved, now ashamed)'.

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Lyrics of 'Junksista – Aerobic'

You love the way I dance
you love the way I flip my hair
sweat band on my skin
aer­obic dreams, watch me spin!

Put on aer­obic shoes
gon' do aer­obic moves uh huh
join a group of babes
gonna get whipped in shape

Spandex covered bodies
exer­cising hotties
just found a new hobby

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