Junksista – Fuck For Love

Official music video 'Fuck For Love' per­formed by 'Junksista' taken from the album 'Promiscuous Tendencies'. Video by Mumukuba, Featuring Ida Kiefer.

About 'Promiscuous Tendencies': Controversy. Sex. Fun. Darkness: not many bands man­age to polar­ize their listen­ers quite like JUNKSISTA… and they are about to do it again with their most accom­plished stu­dio album so far: 'Promiscuous Tendencies' – the grip­ping next chapter after 2014's 'High Voltage Confessions'. 12 brand new songs like 12 thrill­ing love affairs, wait­ing to be explored. 'Promiscuous Tendencies' – it will make you explore the dance floor, the dark places in your heart and the wet ones in your pants. Are you ready?


I believe the end is near
nev­er wanted to move on
fatal cloud of doom my dear
this feels so very wrong
fuck for love
to amp­li­fy the feeling
fuck for love
is this the end that we're concealing?

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