Juno Francis – Labyrinth

Juno Francis - Labyrinth (Cover artwork)Official music video for the calm synth pop song 'Labyrinth' per­formed by the Swedish band 'Juno Francis'. The song 'Hey You Goodbye Me' was already one of my most beau­ti­ful new dis­cov­er­ies of 2021, so I am even more pleased to hear some­thing new from 'Juno Francis' and to be able to say that the fresh­ness and spir­it has not been lost.

The intro of the song sounds sim­il­ar to the epic Stanley Kubrick open­er of the clas­sic 'A Clockwork Orange' (1971). There is no con­nec­tion to the song here, this is just my first asso­ci­ation on ini­tial listen­ing. The epic intro is unfor­tu­nately fol­lowed by a some­what too long wait until the vocals finally start at 01:05min. This is a chal­lenge, espe­cially for the young­er gen­er­a­tion. But stick­ing with it is rewarded!

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Lyrics of 'Juno Francis – Labyrinth'

Can’t get you out of my head
When the night comes
People whis­per in the alley
Who is this mistress?
I’m a smoking gun
You’re a wounded soul
Golden heart and dirty mind
Your sooth­ing touch

Come let us sneak away
Trough the pas­sage in the alley
When we go trough the leafs
Full moon
Find me in the middle of the labyrinth
There's a secret for you there, a surprise
Would you open the box
Let it unfold
Waves trough your body
You feel it in your head
Would you lead me out
Find the path

Lick the cham­pagne of your lips
Taste your kiss
Count the fin­gers on your hand
Seducing the valley
Turn your back on me
You will regret it
Seven sins are not enough
Somedays kind, somedays rough

'Juno Francis' about the song '

''Hot on the heels of their "Sunday Morning" single & a col­lab­or­a­tion with Victoria Secret for their Fall col­lec­tion, Juno Francis share a new single & video "Labyrinth". Psychedelic, glam­or­ous, hyp­not­ic & full of drama. Her voice flows into your heart & melts like ice in the glass of your favor­ite drink. Enjoy your interaction… ''

Labyrinth is a song about the dis­cov­ery of someone spe­cial. How we tend to unfold the secrets and past of a per­son one moment at a time. The beauty and fears shown on the way to someones core. Find me in the middle of the labyrinth…

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