Kajan – Shadowplay

Kajan - Shadowplay (Cover artwork)Official music video 'Shadowplay' per­formed by the German band 'Kajan'. The music video is dir­ec­ted by Tementiy Pronov. The song has its own dark mix­ture of dark wave and indus­tri­al. Very inde­pend­ent and thus com­par­able with hardly any­thing. The uncom­prom­ising­ness reminds me at most some­thing of the French indus­tri­al band 'Horskh'. So if you like dirty and raw elec­tron­ic music, your music­al crav­ings will be sat­is­fied here.

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This night I'm not so scared as last
I befriended shad­ows in my room
We've nev­er done this in the past
Perhaps because I've always been too gloomy
Images on the walls fas­cin­ate me
I can't take my eyes of them
Creatures are more real than my whole life
That's why I'm so happy that I've tried

So hard to breathe but is it neces­sary now?
The paint­ings come to life by chan­ging shapes
It's so impress­ive, that I'm ready to die
But I'm not sure that death is an escape


The scene swal­lows me into the abyss
In the morn­ing no one will be found in a room
The path was chosen
The per­form­ance is over
It's quiet around now
Quiet and doomed

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