Key To The Mint – One Version Of The Truth

Official music video 'One Version Of The Truth' per­formed by 'Key To The Mint'. 'One Version of the Truth' was com­posed, per­formed, pro­duced, mixed and mastered by 'Key To The Mint' in and around Cleveland, Ohio, through­out 2017. Music video dir­ec­ted, writ­ten, and pro­duced by 'Key To The Mint'.


Bonaparte, its time like this I often think of you
Because I know
right from the start,
Ambition is the griev­ous fault of few -
and I’m one

Yet it seems so strange
Like the world is out for me
So I save my spades,
for when your hearts are played

Its not true
that you nev­er had a chance to be someone
Because I know,
its up to you to admit your des­tiny can be undone
and it will.

I can see Moscow burn from here…..

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