Key To The Mint – One Version Of The Truth

Key To The Mint - One Version Of The Truth

Official music video ‘One Version Of The Truth’ performed by ‘Key To The Mint‘. ‘One Version of the Truth’ was composed, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by ‘Key To The Mint’ in and around Cleveland, Ohio, throughout 2017. Music video directed, written, and produced by ‘Key To The Mint’.


Bonaparte, its time like this I often think of you
Because I know
right from the start,
Ambition is the grievous fault of few –
and I’m one

Yet it seems so strange
Like the world is out for me
So I save my spades,
for when your hearts are played

Its not true
that you never had a chance to be someone
Because I know,
its up to you to admit your destiny can be undone
and it will.

I can see Moscow burn from here…..