Korine – The Last

Korine - The Last

Official music video ‘The Last’ performed by ‘Korine’ taken from the album ‘The Night We Raise’. Directed by Wayne Moreheart.


When you fade away
Many nights I knew your
Touchand we feel the same
All is lost without you and
I conceal the shame
You hate what you don’t
Understand so we live in
Pain I could never stand
To trust a man
When you see the truth
All I can do is run from you
Don’t know me
Only what I used to be
Just a shell, can’t you tell?
I don’t know what is happening
To me, a freak
I’ll tell you what you won’t
You didn’t know what you had
They weren’t just like anyone
A dream’s not supposed to hurt
You were in my life
But now you’re not
I don’t want to love again
It’s not the perfect heart
You want I can’t help feeling sad this time will be the last