Kult Of Red Pyramid – Lakeview Hotel

'Kult Of Red Pyramid' per­form­ing 'Lakeview Hotel' From their album 'Vagrant'.


On that day
it all "went silent"
The ringing in my ears
had stopped

I won­der what it is I'm wait­ing for
A pain dis­guised as a remedy

Another shad­ow of you

(It's all that I see)

All that I felt…
…now it's over
dam­aged bey­ond unthinkable

(I won­der what it is I'm wait­ing for)

You clouded my mind
I wish I could..
do the same.

I'm twist­ing and turning
each door is ominous
My blood is get­ting thinner
as I go along the way

You can see my insides
the dread­ful tears
drip­ping from the ceiling
is "it" anoth­er me?

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