Last Grasp – Never Rend

Official music video "Never Rend" per­formed by American duo "Last Grasp".

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Lyrics of "Last Grasp – Never Rend"

You could trace the shore
you could search the beach
for all you know it is with­in reach
the love you've always shared
could nev­er ever stack
to the brand of scorn that's on your back
will you be the one to satisfy?
or be the one to run and cry?
from the world with all its pain
the anxious­ness that's in your brain
will you turn to break­ing down?
or return to thee ground?

lov­ing you is some­thing like an art

I don't want to feel human
I don't want to feel the same
I just want someone to hold me tightly in vain
I'm a creature with no wisdom
I'm a creature with no past
cause everything's for­got­ten when your heart is made of glass
and every time I shatter
you find me to reform
our love forever stains us though our vows remain unsworn
when fate does ever find us
to lead us to our end
our souls will search forever till they cling and
Never Rend

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