Lost Messages – One Thousand Faces

Official music video 'One Thousand Faces' per­formed by 'Lost Messages' taken from the Single 'Our Time Will Come Again'. Video recor­ded and dir­ec­ted by Frigobar production.


You have one thou­sand faces
To hide your cor­rupt soul
Your life is get­ting broken
For all the hearts you stole

You need one thou­sand faces
To not be left alone
The world is made of puppets
That can’t live on their own

When you look into the mirror
Which one do you see
If you can’t tell me the truth
You’d bet­ter leave

You’ve got so many faces
You can’t stand the real one
The mask will help to forget
Wipe out the harm you’ve done

You have one thou­sand faces
But no more lies to tell
I swear I will find out
The way to break your spell

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