Maneuver Maneuver – Hold On

Official music video 'Hold On' per­formed by 'Maneuver Maneuver'.

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Lyrics of 'Maneuver Maneuver – Hold On'

You think that you're scary
But you're just gonna tell me
What I already know

The wounds of our silence
Turns the angels to tyrants
And the rain into snow

But hang on
I hold on
While you're gone
I hold on

In my dreams I go to you
Stroke your face and help you through
Battles you can't let go

I hope one day you'll let me in
See the light that's shim­mer­ing on us
Only on us

I close my eyes then fly to you
Take my hand and con­quer new
Planets inside our souls

I hope one day you'll let me out
From the house of silent shouts
Will you?
Just let me out

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