Meersein – Faded Eyes

Meersein - Faded Eyes (Cover artwork)Official music video "Faded Eyes" per­formed by "Meersein". A song that skil­fully treads the fine line between nos­tal­gia and mod­ern­ity while cre­at­ing its own unmis­tak­able atmo­sphere. The skil­fully used, nos­tal­gic synth sounds form the found­a­tion of the track and give it a char­ac­ter­ist­ic charm that appeals to lov­ers of the clas­sic era as well as fans of con­tem­por­ary elec­tron­ic music.

The mid-tempo rhythm ensures con­stant move­ment, which is per­fectly com­ple­men­ted by the catchy sound. It is this bal­ance that makes "Faded Eyes" an exper­i­ence that both revital­ises and calms.

Despite the over­whelm­ingly pos­it­ive response, the unex­pec­ted use of auto­t­une at the end of the song must be men­tioned. This break with the oth­er­wise har­mo­ni­ous sound may seem incon­gru­ous to some listen­ers and is cer­tainly a bold move that doesn't quite seem to fit in with the genre.

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Meersein about "Faded Eyes"

The 80's are long back in the music envir­on­ment. Are you ready for a mod­ern take on 80's synth pop? Influenced by artists like Depeche Mode? Then you are exactly right here!

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