Misfortunes – Android

Official music video 'Android' per­formed by 'Misfortunes' taken from the album 'Brilliant Endings'.

Listen to 'Misfortunes – Android' on Bandcamp

Lyrics of 'Misfortunes – Android'

Wake up and feel the empti­ness around you.
Hollow ves­sel touch!
Goad the void of your feigned soul.

You always traveled along an unin­ten­ded pathway.
Short cir­cuited recall!
What was your most desired goal.

Forget the past, the con­stant strain, the vicious outcomes.
Moments lost in time,
adrift inside a bemused wormhole.

Don't hes­it­ate to grasp my warm hands like a newborn.
Take a leap of faith!
Embrace your deep­est darkest fall.


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