Moris Blak x Nyxx – Feral (Feat. Static Starlight)

Official music video 'Feral (Feat. Static Starlight)' per­formed by 'Moris Blak x Nyxx'.

Lyrics of 'Moris Blak x Nyxx – Feral (Feat. Static Starlight)'

I ate it up, ya got me
Yeah, I’ve been play­ing by the rules
But look at where it’s got me
What fuck­ing good does it do?

What good does it do for me?

Fucking fer­al, yeah I gotta get out now
Been on lock­down, fuck, I’m gonna freak out
Yeah I’ve been put­ting in the work, it nev­er pays off
I’m exhausted, I think I’ve had enough
I swear if these bitches keep it up
I’m gonna fuck­ing lose my shit
Been keep­ing up the appear­ances, but I’m fuckin over it
I’m gonna freak out

You ate it all, I’m empty
Yeah, I’ve been giv­ing more than I should
Look at where it’s got­ten me
It's nev­er fuck­ing enough

What good does it do for me?

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