Murmur Tooth – Radio Silence (Feat. Lars Moston)

Murmur Tooth - Radio Silence (Feat. Lars Moston)Official music video 'Radio Silence (Feat. Lars Moston)' per­formed by the New Zealand artist 'Murmur Tooth'. The song 'Radio Silence' is taken from the album 'No Time to Explain'.

The song has a slightly upbeat and naive sound, sim­il­ar to the Swedish band 'Daybehavior'. Interesting synth tones come togeth­er here and the bridge is unusu­al, a little exper­i­ment­al and brings a whole new dynam­ic to the song. Fantastic! Further the song has the mel­an­chol­ic atmo­sphere that I gen­er­al like on songs.

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Murmur Tooth about 'Radio Silence (Feat. Lars Moston)'

Murmur Tooth & Lars Moston are ramp­ing up anti­cip­a­tion for their upcom­ing album with every new release. “Radio Silence” is single num­ber three, fol­low­ing “Antidote” and “Now Is Love”, which earned them sup­port from the likes of Claptone, and spots in the Apple Top 10 and German Club Charts.

In their latest offer­ing the unlikely duo show­case their spe­cial brand of unpre­dict­able magic in an alt-pop song that com­bines a half-broken kids’ gui­tar with a walk­ie-talk­ie solo, pro­du­cing music­al hooks that are as catchy as they are quirky. Propelled for­ward with a stomp­ing dance beat and ana­logue synth bass, and tied togeth­er with Leah’s trade­mark raw vocals, the song is both dan­cey and emo­tion­al – a little some­thing for every­one who has felt lost but still likes a good dance!

Two amaz­ing remixes com­plete the pack­age, turn­ing “Radio Silence” into club gold. Claus Casper (True Romance / Exploited) trans­forms the song into an 80s Italo Disco inspired extra­vag­anza and Daniel Jaeger (Katermukke / Criminal Bassline) pre­scribes some ser­i­ous Berlin dance floor treat­ment, mould­ing togeth­er intric­ate lay­ers to pro­duce an inter­pret­a­tion for fans of the deep­er side of Bass House.

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