N‑Frequency – What I Say

Official music video for the synth pop / future pop song 'What I Say' per­formed by 'N‑Frequency' taken from the album 'Signs Of Evolution'.


Do You wanna play This Game?
You've made mis­takes i had to blame
Suspicious stor­ies telling lies.
Like a stroke that lets you win
you took my Will like a sin
I wasn’t able to resist
To take my Heart wasn’t fair
and your inten­tions nev­er clear
but you felt strong all the time

You nev­er Hear what I say
but you listen to me anyway
You ignore the words i wanna pray don't waste anoth­er day
like a pain for you day by day
i look in your eyes today
all i want from you, please stay ! but dreams fad­ing away

like a king without a queen
beaten and bruised i had let you win
what should i do I’ve missed you so
things gone wrong without excuse
and words are easy to refuse
we made mis­takes day by day

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