Neon Black Dreams – Another Day

Official music video for the synth pop / syn­thwave song 'Another Day' per­formed by the Ukraine band 'Neon Black Dreams'.

The last releases of the band ('Paradise Lost' and 'Eternity') didn't really con­vince me. The song 'Another Day' caught me with the extremely crisp bass­line. And also the some­what play­ful and naive 80s melody con­vinced me here. This song is part of our Spotify playl­ist ‘New Synth Pop Songs 2022‘. The playl­ist is updated con­tinu­ously. Follow this playl­ist now and don’t miss any of the latest synth pop hits in 2022.

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Lyrics of 'Neon Black Dreams – Another Day'

A new day
No more pain

When I look back at my life
I know I wanna change
Tried to bal­ance on a knife
Is life prearranged?

Time and time again I wake
You wash my sins away
Kiss me now I start to shake
I start anoth­er day

Come with me
We are free
To start another

Life was nev­er meant to be easy
Fairy tales only deceived me

Forced to wear anoth­er mask
Just to keep you near
You nev­er had to ask
Just for­get your fear

Lost in the sins of my past
I know what I’ve done
Can’t for­give myself at last
but you are the one

Another day
No oth­er way
Walk in disguise
live with our lies
I wanna fly
high in the sky

No more words
When I pray
This is just
Another day

Forget the lies
Forget the pain
Is a brand new day

Another day
A game we play

We are unmasked
Questions unasked
Look in my eyes
Love nev­er dies

Another day
Skies turn grey

It was my mistake
Don’t let your heart break
Come and hear my plea
Please just stay with me

This was just anoth­er day
Until they took your breath away
I don’t have the words to say
But you gotta stay

We nev­er know
What the future holds
Without each other
alone in the cold

We can only
make the most
of our time

Neon Black Dreams about 'Another Day'

Another Day is the new single from Synthpop/Synthwave band Neon Black Dreams. This track is stripped down after the sens­ory over­load of Scream to allow for the haunt­ing vocals to drive the tone. The throb­bing bass­line sets the tone as the two set out to cre­ate a new life togeth­er. The song details the emo­tions and prim­al energy of start­ing a new life after chaos and strife. Building on the past story the story tells about an etern­al bond and how any­one can achieve any­thing when they set their hearts on it.

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