Null Device – For You

Official music video 'For You' per­formed by 'Null Device' taken from the album 'The Emerald Age'. Directed by Jill Sheridan.

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Lyrics of 'Null Device – For You'

Oh you my beloved child
Right here next to me
But out there, out where beasts run wild
They set the mon­sters free
Can you hear the sirens warn
It will be the darkest storm
Stand back as worlds divide
Stay with me by my side

All the world that’s bright and blue
All the world that waits for you
Shining eyes, pure and true
In due time, what waits
A hol­low prom­ise can’t undo
Empty gifts we left for you
Shining eyes, dis­tant blue
Where’s the wish I made for you

Some day as it will dawn
One day with­in your grasp
All the many wicked things
We nev­er did take back
Still I know it in your eyes
Burn like shin­ing stars
You would light the way
And the world can still be yours

In a stolen hour
When I can take you in
The dark­ness that sur­rounds us fades
And I can see again
From the dis­tance in the night
I take an eager breath
And wish upon a star above
And beg it will be kept

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