Null Device – Let You In

Official music video 'Let You In' per­formed by 'Null Device' taken from the album 'Line Of Sight'. Director: Jill Sheridan.


I knew you way back then
That moment way back when
The cold that hit my flesh
And the shapes of stolen breath
Touch the secrets you conceal
Every angle to reveal
The phantom in the dust
Telling me to trust

And I let you in
But I can­not feel the ground
All the air is gone
in an over­whelm­ing sound
And I let you in
Where it all resounds
Now the world is spinning
And I can’t tell up from down

And I don’t recall
Where we end and we begin
Was it from the inside out
Or out­side crawl­ing in
I’m caught up in the darkness
And bright light of the glare
And noth­ing else but you
Nothing else but you is there

In the vis­ion that you sell
The secrets that you tell
You’ll take my hand and say
Tonight you’ll come away
I waited here for you
The answer to the clue
The threshold where you see
This night will set you free

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